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Getting Started with Finale

Whether you’re setting up your score, picking a music font, or watching a QuickStart Video, Finale guides you to perfection.

Overview of Getting Started

Finale’s Launch Window

Finale’s Launch Window saves you time by putting all of Finale’s power at your fingertips. Choose to open exisitng music, generate exercises, or work from provided templates. You can also create a score with an unlimited number of staves from scratch with Finale’s Setup Wizard – which configures things like instrument transpositions so you don’t have to.

Music Fonts

Finale includes a variety of engraved, hand-written and specialty music fonts, and supports third-party fonts. Recent additions include Finale Numerics for harmonic analysis and figured bass, plus an improved Finale AlphaNotes™ for use with beginning music students. Finale gives you complete control over the fonts used for notation and text in your music.

Questions on how to use Finale?

Finale offers the freedom and versatility to create anything you can imagine. Finale is also easy to use, but sometimes you might want to know more about the variety of ways to enter notes, how to indicate a nonstandard time signature, or how to notate figured bass. Finale offers:

  • New Tutorial Guide, with accompanying videos, leads you through different Finale projects
  • Quick Reference Guide shows you how to complete common tasks quickly and easily
  • Don’t like manuals? Finale’s QuickStart Videos guide you through the process of putting music on the page
  • Comprehensive help that is contextual, interactive, and searchable
Launch Window

Finale Launch Window


Choose to create exercises, scan existing sheet music, or work from provided templates. You can also create a score with an unlimited number of staves from scratch, with Finale’s Setup Wizard – which configures things like instrument transpositions so you don’t have to.



When creating a full score, a worksheet, quiz or even a dissertation, the easiest way to start is simply to open a pre-created template from the Launch Window. Select from dozens of pre-made templates (including SATB, orchestral and band scores, solfege, and more) then let Finale’s Setup Wizard do the rest by adding:

Finale Ensemble TemplateFinale Band Template

  • Text (including title, composer, copyright, arranger and lyricist)
  • Key and time signatures
  • Pickup measures
  • Tempo markings
Setup Wizard

Just answer a few questions

What instruments or voices do you want? You can even select from pre-defined ensembles or create your own. What key? Time signature? Music font? Tempo?

Finale will set up your score, complete with staves in correct order, instrument transpositions, tempo marking, staff groupings, and intelligent page layout that automatically adjusts system position, size, and space between staves to reduce white space on the page.

You can also choose from a wide variety of personal document styles, specify the number of measures in your score, and insert text for the title, composer, arranger, lyricist, copyright and a sub-title.


Music Fonts

Finale gives you complete control over the fonts used for notation and text in your music. It includes a variety of engraved, hand-written and specialty fonts, and supports third-party fonts.

Recent Additions include:

  • Finale Lyrics for improved lyric text appearance
  • Finale Copyist for handwritten notation
  • Finale Numerics for harmonic analysis, figured bass and Schenker graphs
  • Improvements to the Finale AlphaNotes font for use with beginning music students

Finale Lyrics Font

This new text font was created to improve the look and ease of use of lyrics in Finale. Particularly useful in tightly engraved situations or in areas where space is at a premium, such as choral octavos, hymnals, and I‐pad applications, Finale Lyrics offers a condensed text font that retains the look and feel of a non‐condensed font.

Times New Roman:

Battle Hymn TNR-500b

Finale Lyrics:

Battle Hymn FL-500b

Finale Copyist Font
A completely new font in the Broadway Copyist font family, Finale Copyist offers a lighter weight appearance and provides lowercase letters for increased legibility of chords and lyrics.


Finale Numerics Font
The Finale Numerics font makes it easy to type in Roman numeral or harmonic analysis. Simplifying the stacking of numbers, it’s also ideal for notating figured bass and can even be used to create Schenker graphs.


Finale Percussion Font
Many publishers use icons to represent standard percussion instruments in their scores. This font contains the most complete collection of percussion characters available. Also included are handbell symbols and many unique characters including castanets, vibraslap, cannon and repeatable characters like sine waves, scribbles, and more.


Finale Mallets Font
This font includes icons to represent any variety of mallet usages, including the ability to create cross-mallet symbols. As an example you could use images to indicate that the performer should use a hard and soft mallet in the left hand, and a medium and steel mallet in the right hand.

Finale Mallets Font


The following fonts are also included in Finale:

Maestro Wide Font

Maestro Font

Petrucci Font

Engraver Font

Broadway Copyist Font


MIDI Setup

Today’s Finale detects midi input devices and automatically selects them – so you don’t have to.

Never configure a MIDI keyboard again!

While it’s great that you never have to configure an input device in the first place, it’s really great when you take your laptop between two locations that have different MIDI keyboards: No more switching!

With Finale, you can use your MIDI keyboard in combination with your computer keyboard and mouse, to enter notes and chords. Or you can play your MIDI keyboard and watch your music appear on-screen in real time.