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Entering Notes

Enter notes your way – from MIDI, your mouse, your keyboard, or by scanning, no other software offers you more note entry options.

Overview of Entering Notes

 Enter notes your way!

  • Enter notes into Finale with your computer keyboard and/or mouse.
  • Use your MIDI keyboard (or any other MIDI device) in combination with your computer keyboard and mouse to enter notes and chords.
  • Play a MIDI keyboard and watch your music appear on-screen in real time.
  • Import MIDI, MusicXML, Smartscore, or Finale family notation files.

No other notation software offers this breadth of note entry options.

Easy Note Entry

Enter notes with your computer or MIDI keyboard.

Using Simple or Speedy Note Entry, click notes onto the staff or use MIDI to indicate pitch. Or enter notes with the numeric pad and keys ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ ‘D’ ‘E’ ‘F’ and ‘G.’ But entering notes is just the start. You can also:

  • Change octaves
  • Enter rests
  • Add accidentals
  • Create triplets
  • Add grace notes
  • Add notes in a chord to an existing note
  • Enter articulations on the fly or ‘lock in’ an articulation to place on several notes
  • Change the key or time signature simply with key commands
  • Add expressions like dynamics or tempos
  • Enter a rhythmic pattern using a single note and then re-pitch the repeated notes using your MIDI or computer keyboard

Keystrokes are intuitive and a special key map for laptop users is provided. Best of all, if you prefer certain key commands, change the defaults in Finale to whatever you like.

Macintosh Users – Put Finale’s keyboard shortcuts your fingertips with a custom Finale Apple®
 or a Keyboard Skin.

Transposed Note Entry

New in Finale — When inputting music into transposed staves, Finale now plays the transposed pitch on entry as well as during playback.


HyperScribe allows you to enter notes in real-time as you play a MIDI keyboard.

  • You can play along with a click, provide the click as you play (for example with a sustain or other foot pedal), or enter the pulse later.
  • Record your live vocal or instrumental performance — an exclusive Finale feature.
  • Recording first and second endings with HyperScribe is seamless. Finale skips over the first ending on the second pass, allowing for smooth transitions.
  • Specify a playback tempo before you record or Finale can record at the tempo you use when playing your MIDI keyboard.
  • Record continuous data including the sustain pedal. Listen to a performance recorded in HyperScribe without Continuous Data. Now listen to the same performance recorded in Hyperscribe with Continuous Data.