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Educator Tools

With exclusive features like SmartMusic® support, customizable music education worksheets, and the Exercise Wizard, Finale offers music educators more ways to save time.

Overview of Educator Tools

Finale’s easy to use, time-saving features help you customize music curriculum to meet the individual needs of all your students.

SmartMusic® Support

Only Finale can create accompaniments for SmartMusic, the acclaimed interactive music software for band, orchestra, and voice that is transforming the way students practice.

Music Education Worksheets and Repertoire

Hundreds of ready-made, educator-approved, customizable worksheets are included in Finale. Print them out or distribute them via email to be opened and printed with the free Finale NotePad. Also included are hundreds of individual and class room flash cards, 30 ear-training worksheets, and pieces of repertoire.

Recent Additions Include:

A collection of progressive instrument fingering worksheets for 15 band instruments and recorder, additional alto clef/viola worksheets, large ensemble titles,  instrumental solos, more holiday titles, additional piano repertoire, and more.

Instant Exercises

Finale’s Exercise Wizard helps you create custom exercises or lessons – for your entire ensemble – in minutes.

Share Files with Students

Full compatibility with downloadable MakeMusic software lets your students – at home or on school computers – complete tests or assignments created in Finale.

  • Finale NotePad® is free and lets students open, view, print and play any Finale file. NotePad also gives students the ability to compose new pieces as well as edit and save any Finale file.

Finale AlphaNotes Font

Created for use with beginning music students, the Finale AlphaNotes font places note names or solfège syllables inside noteheads.

Teach Composition

Finale’s exclusive Studio View is perfect for teaching and practicing composition and arranging using the language of music notation.


  • Video support to sync your marching band show with your score
  • Marching percussion sound libraries from Tapspace Virtual Drumline and Row-Loff
  • Create worksheets or quizzes by exporting music into a word processing program
  • Colored Noteheads and Boomwhackers® sounds
  • Improved support of music labs where multiple users can have their own preferences and templates. Working on a network? Once you login to the network to use Finale, you see your documents. The next person to login only sees their documents.

Academic pricing discounts for single and multiple licenses are available for Finale.

SmartMusic Support

Create SmartMusic Accompaniments

Only Finale can create accompaniments for SmartMusic, the acclaimed interactive music software for band, orchestra, and voice.

With Finale you can:

  • Save any new or existing Finale file as a SmartMusic solo, ensemble, or assessable accompaniment.
  • Create one file for the entire ensemble when using Linked Parts. Students simply select their individual parts when practicing. This represents a tremendous savings in time and effort compared to creating separate SmartMusic accompaniment files for every part in older versions of Finale.
  • Easily add Intelligent Accompaniment, “wait for note” and other SmartMusic markers with one trip to Finale’s Edit menu.

Visit to learn more about this interactive music software for band, orchestra, and voice.

Music Education Resources

Music Education Worksheets and Repertoire 

Finale now includes more than 1,000 ready-made, customizable, music education worksheets, individual and classroom flash cards, jazz improvisation worksheets, ear-training worksheets, and pieces of repertoire.

Recent additions

  • A collection of progressive instrument fingering worksheets for 15 band instruments and recorder
  • Additional alto clef / viola worksheets, some large ensemble titles, several instrumental solos, more holiday titles, additional piano repertoire, and more

Designed for K-12 students of general music, theory, band, orchestra, and choir, these educator-approved worksheets help teach basic elements of music. Here are a few examples:

Easy to Customize and Use

Because they’re provided as Finale files, it’s easy to edit them to your specific needs and print them out, or distribute them via email to be printed with the free Finale NotePad.

Classroom and Individual Flash Cards

Finale also includes 271 classroom flash cards to use in front of the classroom and 126 individual flash cards for students to use for self-quizzing. The flash cards are designed to print double-sided (with the answers on the back). Topics include keys, note names, rhythm, vocabulary, and musical symbols.

Classroom Flash Card Example                         Individual Flash Card Example

Jazz Improvisation Worksheets

More than 50 Jazz Improvisation worksheets that play back with the free, downloadable Finale NotePad, offer tips to beginning improvisers, and include jazz rhythm section accompaniment.

Interactive Ear-Training Worksheets

The ear-training worksheets are designed to be used with the free, downloadable Finale NotePad. Students can print the worksheets, use Finale NotePad to play the examples, and write the answers on the printed worksheets. Topics include intervals, chords, and melodic dictation

Used in conjunction with Finale’s powerful Exercise Wizard, these worksheets provide educators with instant access to thousands of pages of printable AND editable materials for their students.

Classroom Repertoire

Finale includes more than 500 titles of Classroom Repertoire – popular public domain literature that includes folk songs, traditional songs, all the Bach Inventions, Renaissance music, early jazz piano repertoire, holiday titles, intermediate piano pieces, chant notation, Schenkerian analysis, and more.

Exercise Wizard

Over 50,000 customized exercises. Instantly.

Imagine that you have only five minutes until your band, orchestra, or choir rehearsal begins, and you need warm-up exercises tailored to what you intend to rehearse that day.

You’re in luck! You can create an exercise or multiple exercise lessons in an instant. Just select the mode, note duration, intervals, articulations, key, and range.

Look how easy it is!
Click on the following screen shots to view each page of the Exercise Wizard and you will see how easy it is to create exercises instantly.

Select the exercises:


Select Key and Articulation for each exercise:


Select which ensemble you want the sheet music printed:


 Done! It’s that automatic! Finale will produce every part for you – in the very best range for your class.

SmartMusic exercise example


Finale AlphaNotes Font 

Created for use with beginning music students, the Finale AlphaNotes font places note names inside noteheads.

Finale AlphaNotes

In addition to note names, sharps, and flats, solfège syllables are also provided.

AAlphaNotes Solfege

Also included are Finale EmotiNotes™, a collection of fun noteheads that include smiley faces and other emoticons to delight younger students.

Teach Composition

With Studio View in Finale, students compose, learn, and notate all at once. Then they can print the results as engraver-quality sheet music.


Students build a composition by adding to it piece by piece, line by line. Experimentation is fast, easy, and always performed in standard music notation. Changing, modifying, and improving the work is possible because Finale empowers students to make creative choices.

Students work in standard music notation at all times. There is no need to switch to separate sequencing software or learn complex computer symbols.

How does it work?
Studio View puts power at students’ fingertips, allowing them to shape compositions right before their eyes and ears. Click the steps below for examples:

  1. Create: Simply by clicking the Record button, students craft melodies and try different notes. Students see the notes appear on the staff and hear them played with superb sounds and Human Playback®.Studio 1 staff b 300
  2. Experiment: While listening to the melody, students experiment with counter-melodies, canons, and the like. Studio View plays back these experiments, encouraging students to make choices.Studio 2 staff 300
  3. Choose: Studio View encourages intelligent choices. With melody and counter-melody working together, students continue to experiment with harmonies, bass lines, and instrumentation. Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing, Drum Groove, and other composition tools provide creative options. With each choice, students shape their music and make it their own
    Studio 3 staff 300
Colored Noteheads

Colored noteheads have multiple applications and are especially popular in elementary education.

color note heads

  • Use them to notate Boomwhackers® tuned percussion tubes and other instruments that use the Chroma-Notes™ colored music system
  • Assign colors to specific pitches as an aid to composition or proofing
  • Color all noteheads a single bright color for beginning readers who need help distinguishing noteheads from stems
  • Colored noteheads can be applied regionally within a piece, offer two notehead styles (with or without a “border”), and allow for user customization of colors

Boomwhackers Tube Sounds

Finale even includes integrated Boomwhackers sound samples. These sounds and colors are configured automatically when you select Boomwhackers from the Setup Wizard.