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Editing Tools

Finale makes it easy to perfect your score with handy editing tools like the Selection Tool, Multiple Page Editing, ScoreManager®, and intuitive cut/copy/paste options.

Overview of Editing Tools

Finale’s introduction in 1988 represented a revolution in saving time.

Today we take it for granted that you don’t have to start over if you decide to add another bar on page one, or make a slight change in instrumentation. Similarly, Finale’s subsequent evolution has continued to offer musicians new and more ways of making the best use of their time.

  • Finale’s new ScoreManager lets you easily control – in one step – how your staves look and sound
  • Intuitive cut/copy/paste enhancements ensure that you always get the results you seek – the first time
  • Finale’s Selection Tool takes the guesswork out of editing nearly anything on the page
  • Multiple Page Editing lets you place as many pages on your screen as you wish AND edit anything you want
  • SmartFind and Paint copies articulations, dynamics, and expressions to the same rhythmic motif across your score
  • Quick Change makes it easy to change expressions and articulations with simple keystrokes
  • Multiple Undo lets you reverse any number of changes you made in the current session (even past the point you saved your score)
Selection Tool

The powerful Selection Tool has inherited all the functionality of the former Mass Edit Tool. Adapted for selecting measure regions, the Selection Tool is Finale’s universal editing utility.

With the selection tool you can:

  • Cut, copy or paste music
  • Change time and key signatures and clefs
  • Transpose
  • Add repeats
  • Adjust expressions, change bar lines, and more

Accomplish more without changing tools



  • Get what you need faster from streamlined menus
  • Keep your momentum going with more powerful contextual menus and intuitive new keystrokes
  • Get it done using the Selection Tool or other tools that support copy/paste, measure additions, transposition, measure layout, auto-orchestration, and much more
Multiple Page Editing

MultiPage_sm_2014True multi-page viewing and editing allows users to both see more of their music and edit everything they see.

  • Copy and paste measures from one page to the next
  • Drag slurs from the end of one page to the beginning of another, and much more
  • Choose from multiple viewing options including single pages, facing pages, and tiled pages
  • Click to the next page, next pair of pages, or choose to scroll continuously – horizontally or vertically
  • View your entire piece on screen at once with a tiled view

No other music notation software offers this flexibility.


Finale’s streamlined, easy-to-use interface lets you focus on the music with less switching tools and more universal menu commands specifically designed to help you finish projects faster.

The most intuitive cut/copy/paste/insert for more efficient workflow

  • Use intuitive keystrokes to select measures or partial measures horizontally and vertically. No need to visit a menu
  • Consistent clipboard and drag-copying make it easy to copy all measure items, even between documents
  • Quickly drag and drop music, even over highlighted regions. Make small adjustments easily, like shifting music a beat or two right or left
  • Paste faster: no need to highlight the entire destination when clipboard-copying



Different-colored cursors indicate how your music will be inserted.

Copy paste in Finale

Use intuitive keystrokes to select additional notes…


Copy paste in Finale

…additional staves…

Copy paste in Finale

…or additional measures without using the mouse.

SmartFind and Paint®

Instantly transfer articulations, dynamics and expressions to repeated rhythmic motifs in other voices.Smart Find and Paint in Finale

Let’s say your score has a rhythmic motif that is repeated throughout the score, in other voices, with other pitches. If you want the articulations, dynamics and expressions copied to all those other voices, just select this feature and you have instantly transferred the desired selections right where you need them.



Focus on your art. Leave the rest to your manager. Finale’s ScoreManager takes care of the details – controlling how staves look and sound – so you don’t have to.

Want to change a flute staff to a clarinet staff? Now it’s one step. The ScoreManager knows how a clarinet staff transposes, looks, and sounds, so it makes all the necessary arrangements.

Add a second clarinet and ScoreManager adds 1 and 2 to the staff names. Add two violin staves and it knows to use I and II instead. The ScoreManager also handles playback and sound setup, so you don’t have to navigate to various players or assign correct MIDI channels.

Best of all, because the changes you make in the ScoreManager are simultaneously visible in the score itself, there’s no guesswork, whether you’re switching the score order, changing staff names, or adding staves.