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Composing and Arranging Timesavers

Exclusive idea-generating features, essential tools like transposition and range checking, and timesavers like Linked Parts are all included.

Overview of Composing and Arranging Timesavers

Finale takes the work out of composing and arranging and lets you concentrate on the inspiration.

  • Linked Parts mean you no longer have to make edits to your parts and score separately
  • Finale handles instrument transpositions, offers range checking, and provides instant arrangements and piano reductions
  • Finale’s Score Merger consolidates multiple movements into a single score, or a collection of parts into a conductor’s score
  • Automatic rehearsal marks dynamically update when you delete, insert, or move measures in your score
  • Writing music for film? Use Finale’s seamlessly integrated video support

Idea-generating Tools

Running low on inspiration? Finale offers composers and arrangers several idea-generating tools, perfect for saving time and suggesting creative options.

  • Create custom drum parts with DrumGroove
  • Choose from a variety of authentic Latin Percussion rhythms
  • Transform your score with Canonic Utilities which apply inversion, retrograde, transposition, or any combination of these to a selected region

More Timesavers

  • Chord Analysis generates chord names from your harmony and creates chord symbols automatically
  • Resize Noteheads automatically to notate harmonization within a specified region
  • FinaleScript® is an exclusive, easy-to-use scripting language that saves you time whether you create your own scripts or simply use those provided
  • Automatic Note Spacing, Smart Page Turns, automatically generate a “Handbells Used” chart, and more
Linked Parts

Work quickly and efficiently with Linked Parts

Managing a score and individual parts is effortless with Finale. Create a score and Finale generates and formats all the parts automatically. Change something in a part and Finale updates the score simultaneously.

Recent updates include:

  • Expanded control over “unlinking” items that you wish to look different in the score than in your parts. Adjustments made with the following Special Tools can now be “unlinked” as you choose: Tie Tool, Angle Tool, Beam Extension Tool, Dot Tool, Stem Direction Tool, Beam Stem Tool, and Stem Length Tool.
  • Beat-attached SmartShapes, including hairpins and trills, can also be “unlinked.”

Intelligent Linking

Your score and parts stay perfectly matched… where it’s desirable. Finale’s intelligent linking knows when to enforce consistency and when to allow differences. And you can always set preferences for how you want to work.

Mix Crop post paint b 600

Faster Formatting

  • Customize the format of multiple parts instantly
  • Print exactly what you need—a set of parts, multiple copies, or the entire score—instantly

Parts crop c 475

Measure Numbers

Control the alignment, positioning, and fonts of your measure numbers separately for your score and linked parts.

Measure Numbers

Measure Numbers

  • Separate positioning for measure numbers under multi-measure rests
  • Control the alignment and positioning of measure numbers that appear at the start of each system separately from numbers in the rest of your score

Finale Exclusives for Linked Parts

  • Create separate linked parts from a divisi staff in the score
  • Show different enharmonic spellings between the score and part
  • Link and unlink from a contextual menu
  • Offer full control over title pages in score and parts

ScoreMerger 300Easily merge multiple scores automatically using the ScoreMerger.

  • Consolidate multiple movements into a single document – even if they don’t contain the same number of staves, or have different instrumentation (a Finale exclusive)
  • Merge a collection of parts into a full conductor’s score
Rehearsal Marks

Finale automates the process of creating rehearsal marks in your score.

Easy to enter

  • Use one keystroke (M) to quickly enter rehearsal marks anywhere in your score
  • Finale automatically sequences them correctly regardless of what order you enter them
  • Rehearsal marks are dynamically updated if you delete, insert, or move any rehearsal mark or measure

Easy to customize

  • Change the appearance (enclosure shape, font, size, numbers or letters, etc.) once to impact all current and future marks in your score
  • Control where to begin rehearsal mark sequencing (especially helpful when creating separate movements of a larger piece)
Latin Percussion

LatinPercussion-small 14Exciting Latin Percussion choices stimulate your creativity. Choose from a variety of authentic rhythms — all correctly notated — to any piece, instantly. Then listen to the results — high-quality Latin percussion sounds are included. A Finale exclusive!

Combine all the included sounds, including Finale’s Garritan Instruments, Row-Loff™ Marching Percussion, Jose Cortijo’s Latin Percussion, and the SmartMusic® SoundFont.

Listen to this Latin Percussion sample:

      Latin Percussion - MakeMusic, Inc.

Drum Groove

Drum Groove 14We’ve got the beat.

Creating custom drum parts has never been easier. Select any region and apply a pre-created drum groove in the style and feel you want.

You can add to the list of available styles by placing any MIDI file into the Drum Groove folder. The plug-in intelligently copies only the drum and percussion information.


Automatically harmonize any melodic line!

Whether you welcome the creative input, or are just looking to save time, Auto-Harmonizing will transform your work.

Start with a melody:

Before b 500

Two clicks later you’ll see up to six-part harmonies in dozens of styles:

After b 500

You specify two- to six-part harmony, and can select from a great variety of harmonization styles, open/closed, drop 2, drop 3, brabershop, etc.

Thanks to a partnership with the makers of the popular Band-in-a-Box software, the incredible Auto Harmonizer is included FREE with your purchase of Finale.


Finale ScriptFinaleScript is Finale’s exclusive, easy-to-use scripting language that saves time by allowing you to automate your tasks by using one of the dozens of scripts we provide – or easily creating your own. Finale performs your tasks with a simple mouse click. Mix several repeated actions into one. The possibilities are endless.

FinaleScript could save you hours of work. For example, let’s say you have several Finale files for voice and piano you want to use for Alto Sax. With FinaleScript you could create a script to automatically replace the staff name “Voice” with “Saxophone”, apply the appropriate Eb transposition, remove the lyrics and more.