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What’s New

Using an older version of PrintMusic?

PrintMusic is constantly being improved. Many new features and benefits are added in each new version. If you’re currently using PrintMusic 2011, below are a few more of the improvements you’ll enjoy in PrintMusic 2014.

Score Manager 85ScoreManager

Want to change a Sax staff to French Horn? Now it’s easy. ScoreManager gives you instant access to how your staves look and playback.

Mixer-85 longNew Interface

We’ve added an updated, modern look to PrintMusic’s mixer, playback controls, and palettes (which now lock on Macs, too).

Check Range 85 longAutomatic Range Check

See instant feedback when you write out of the range of beginner, intermediate, or advanced players.

Mid Measure Clef 85 bMid-Measure Clefs

Need a clef change in the middle of a measure? PrintMusic can do it!

Rest 85 long

Notation Improvements

Enjoy improved default treatment of rests and accidentals when music is placed in multiple layers.

Hide Staves 85Hide/Show Empty Staves

Hide/Show Empty Staves helps you maximize the amount of music that will fit on the page.

Beat Attached v4Beat-Assigned Shapes

Smart Shapes, including hairpins and trills, automatically attach to a desired “beat,” and snap into place.

Bach Invention 15 85New File Format

A new file format lets you share music as Finale 2014 and 2012 files and offers more flexibility tomorrow.

And much more…

Also included are Unicode text support & entry, import/export of PDF graphics, Finale Lyrics font, scanning improvements, and much more.

Upgrade from any earlier version of PrintMusic for just $39.95.

Upgrade Today

Using PrintMusic 2010? Upgrade today and you’ll also receive benefits added in PrintMusic 2011, including improved lyric entry and spacing, easier staff layout, improved pickup measures, new music fonts, automatic Handbells Used charts, and music education worksheets.

Using PrintMusic 2009? Upgrade to PrintMusic 2014 and you’ll also enjoy features added in PrintMusic 2010, including expanded percussion notation, easier chord entry, automatic rehearsal marks, scanning improvements, and an integrated mixer.