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NotePad Reviews

What Finale NotePad users are saying…

“NotePad enables me to take my original compositions to the next phase of production rather than lyrics, chords, and letters scribbled on a sheet of paper. It gives the work credibility.”
Dennis Auth

“My son is now 13 but he started using NotePad at least three years ago to write his own orchestral compositions. He was able to quickly and effectively make musical progress and experience the power of even the most basic Finale software. He has badgered me until we upgraded to SongWriter this past year. I can see that his relationship with Finale will continue to grow as his musical ability matures. Thanks ever so much for the introductory software that enable this musical child to do so much by himself for free!”

“Exceeded expectations!!”

“My third and fourth grade students compose and notate simple compositions for Orff instruments and recorder. When they have finished their composition, they “publish” their work on Finale NotePad. They take so much pride in having a finished product to show their parents. What I love about Finale NotePad is it is an extremely easy and cost-effective instructional tool for students of any age. Many of my students ask their parents to download it so that they can create their own music at home too!”

“Great product.”
Black Dog

“I am a piano teacher and choral conductor. I have used NotePad to arrange melodies for my chorale. I also recommend NotePad for my students who are interested in notating their elementary creative writing.”

“I have used Finale NotePad through several editions. I use it to teach young students how to notate music. They then enjoy writing their own composition. This encourages their parents to consider buying it for their home computers. Also as a church musician I sometimes use it to transpose music, write an obligato or another instrumental part for a hymn or other piece of music.”

“For a product with little cost NotePad does some great things. I have been able to view and edit music that would have been a lot more trouble. The ability to make key changes and use symbols is a valuable asset.”
Jim Parsons

“This little program rocks. Whether just fiddling around or seriously harmonizing a chorus, it works!”

“I typically add bass lines to a melody line and sometimes change the key signature. NotePad works nicely with MIDI files, too. It may be weeks in between the times I use it; but the user interface is easy and not something I have to practice a lot to be able to use it.”

“As a musician who has just recently started to write and transpose music, this program is very easy to use.”

“I have used many different types of notation software, and Finale is always the best. It is easy to use, and still very powerful. Even though NotePad is scaled down quite a bit, it still has a lot of power.”

“I have improved my ability to sing more accurately and to memorize notes, because of Finale NotePad. I can increase or decrease speed so that I can lock in a note I’m not able to sing correctly. Good Learning tool.”
Robert H. Whitcomb

“I learned how to write music by hand, and when I downloaded Finale NotePad it was very easy to transfer what I had already written to the computer.”

“I have used NotePad with my 6th grade students for several years. I require them to write a composition for their string instrument. NotePad is easy for them to use and a safe product to download to the school computers as well as the students’ home computers.”