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TempoTap is a feature exclusive to Studio View, and can be used to tap, or “conduct” a tempo adjustment using an external MIDI device or your computer keyboard. This is the preferred method for specifying a tempo change manually. Note that Human Playback interprets “rit.”, “accel.”, and other tempo indications automatically. Tempo changes applied manually with TempoTap will apply to playback with HP because the Human Playback Preferences dialog box is configured to incorporate tempo change data by default.

To record tempo changes with TempoTap

Note. For additional options for defining a tempo, see Accelerando and Rallentando.

  1. Choose View > Studio View. The TempoTap staff is only available in Studio View.
  2. Indicate the beats you wish to tap by notating durations into the TempoTap staff with the Simple Entry tool image\Simple_Entry_Tool.gif (or Speedy Entry tool  image\Speedy_Entry_Tool.gif). If you want to specify a rallentando passage, for example, which slows drastically in a short amount of time, you may want to tap eighth notes instead of quarter notes to indicate the gradual change in tempo for the duration of the passage. To do so, simply enter durations into the TempoTap staff as you would any other staff. Notes snap to the line automatically. For details regarding note entry, see Simple Entry and Speedy Entry.
  3. Click the HyperScribe tool  image\HyperScribe_Tool.gif.
  4. Click the measure, in the TempoTap staff, you wish to begin specifying the tempo. When you click a measure, a green scroll bar appears which tells you Finale is waiting for your signal to start recording a tempo. The first beat you tap is the signal to start recording. Therefore, to prepare for recording a tempo, consider counting off a measure or two, stopping short of pressing the spacebar before recording the first beat.
  5. Tap the tempo using the spacebar or a note on your MIDI device. The scroll bar advanced at your speed as you tap the tempo. Each tap corresponds to the note duration shown directly above in the TempoTap staff.
  6. When you are finished, simply stop tapping. Then, click the score. The Last Recorded Tempo dialog box displays the tempo you ended with. This tempo is assigned from the point you stopped recording the tempo to the next tempo change.
  7. Click OK. Playback the score to review the tempo change.



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