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Multiple voices

You can have up to eight independent musical lines per staff. 

Finale offers three methods for working with inner voices: the Layer mechanism, the Voice 1/Voice 2 mechanism, and superimposing staves. You’ll probably find it easiest and quickest to work with the Layer system, which treats each staff as four transparent layers, if you’re entering music in step time (Simple Entry or Speedy Entry tools). HyperScribe automatically transcribes inner voices with the Voice 1/Voice 2 feature.

The Voice 1/Voice 2 and four-Layer mechanisms are both capable of generating flexible stems-up/stems-down notation, and the two mechanisms can be combined (giving you a total of eight independent voices). If you have even more complex inner-voice relationships, you can use the superimposed-staves technique (see below) as well.


To enter multiple voices using layers

To move music from one layer to another

To enter multiple voices using V1/V2

To enter additional voices by superimposing staves


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