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Finale SongBook Update

We just released an update to Finale SongBook, our iPad app for viewing, playing, and printing Finale-created sheet music. Finale SongBook 1.1 fixes many customer-reported issues and offers improved performance, especially when navigating and zooming in and out of scores.

The update is available via the App Store Updates section on your iPad.

Haven’t checked out Finale SongBook yet? Why wait? It’s free!


  1. by Scott Yoho

    Hi Jon, The mix is determined from your Finale file, and the overall volume is the volume control on your iPad. If you’d like to see more advanced functionality in the future, please let us know the specifics! Scott at MakeMusic

  2. by Jon

    Can the volume be modified. It seems low? Where is this originally set?

  3. by Justin W. Phillips

    Hi Doris, If you open the included pieces, you can click on the Share button in the top right corner. Choose Email and you can email the file to yourself so you don't lose it. -Justin

  4. by Doris Collins

    I LOVE Songbook. I love that I can import and then hear my music from my Finale program on my ipad! I have one issue. Is there a way that I can take the included .mus files off my ipad and put on my pc? I do not want to lose them, but I'd like to clean up my songbook library. I know that I can delete the files that I don't want there, but delete is so final if there is no backup! I'd appreciate your comments.

  5. by Justin W. Phillips

    Hi Ger, There isn't an option for that yet, but that can could be a cool feature! Thanks for the kind words! Justin Senior Product Manager MakeMusic, Inc

  6. by Ger Lawlor

    I'm using songbook as a church choir rehearsal tool. Given that our full programme is in finale files, I'm playing all of the accompaniments from the screen. Is playback via midi possible? I could hook up to the digital pipe organ for an instant professional accompanist and conduct from the score… Wonderful app, btw.

  7. by Justin W. Phillips

    I can't put a timeline on anything, but we are interested in Android. -Justin Senior Product Manager MakeMusic, Inc

  8. by Apollo

    Will there be a version for android of this application??

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