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Repeat tool



Using this tool, you can create and edit repeat signs and text repeats (such as D.S. al Coda) in your score. These repeats can be defined for playback, if you wish, so that PrintMusic, playing back your score, responds to them just as a musician would.


Use this tool to create first and second endings, and functional Coda and D.S. symbols.


Contextual menus are reached by control-clicking on a measure or the handle of an object. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items. Some context commands, such as Create Simple Repeat requires a measure selection. See Selecting music.


Measure selection contextual menu for repeats

menu item

What it does

Create Simple Repeat

Encloses selected measures with repeat barlines

Create First and Second Ending

Adds a first ending on selected measure(s) and a second ending on the measure following the selection

Create Ending

Opens the Create Ending dialog box where you can define a repeat ending on the highlighted measures

Create Forward Repeat Bar

Creates a forward repeat bar

Create Backward Repeat Bar

Creates a backward repeat bar


Deletes all repeat barlines, endings, and text repeats in selected region


Backward repeat barline handles

menu item

What it does

Edit Repeat Assignment

Displays the Backward Repeat Assignment dialog box or the Ending Repeat Bar Assignment dialog box


Removes selected repeat



For further information, see the Repeat Selection dialog box.


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