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First and second endings

You can easily create a repeat with first and second endings that will playback correctly (as shown below).


To create a repeat with first and second endings

For more advanced repeat indication, such as nested repeats, to configure playback you may need to specify the target and number of passes for backward repeat bars manually. See Backward Repeat Bar Assignment dialog box and Create Ending dialog box. 


Note: You can add the forward repeat before creating the first and second endings. The order for the last two steps isn’t crucial.

To adjust the brackets on a repeat ending

To move or delete a text repeat

To change a backward repeat’s playback definition

To hide the endings for a specified staff

If your score includes a piano part (for example), you normally won’t want ending brackets (such as a first ending bracket) to appear above both the treble and bass staves. Similarly, you would probably want a Text Repeat (such as “To Coda”) only to appear above the treble staff, not above both. If you want to remove these items from just one staff:

You can also hide repeat endings from all but the top staff by with the Repeat menu. With the Repeat tool chosen, check Display Endings and Text Repeats on Top Staff. See Repeat menu.



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