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The Default Document (called Maestro Font Default) lets you start with a new untitled document with one staff. This file includes the default set of expressions, articulations, repeats, smart shapes, and other markings that can be found in the selection dialog box for these items. As long as you keep this document (“Maestro Font Default.FTM”) in the Component Files folder, every possible Finale parameter will always be set just the way you like it when you choose New from the File menu.

A standard Maestro Font Default file is provided with the program. However, you can customize this document to suit your own tastes. Do you prefer a different font for your lyrics? Do you frequently work with A4 paper?

In any of these cases, the process for customizing the Maestro Font Default file is simple. Choose Open from the File menu; in the Open dialog box that appears, navigate to the Finale 2012/Component Files folder, choose Finale Template File from the File Type drop-down list and double-click Maestro Font Default.FTM file to open it. You’re now looking at a blank document. Make any changes to it you want. Change the lyric font, page size, add expressions, etc.. When you’re finished, choose Save from the File menu, choose Finale Template File from the File Type drop-down list, name the file Maestro Font Default.FTM and then save it (and replace the existing Maestro Font Default file). From now on, every time you double-click the Finale program icon, choose New/Default Document from the File menu or choose New/Document With Setup Wizard, a fresh, untitled copy of this Maestro Font Default file appears on the screen, formatted according to your preferences.

If the Maestro Font Default file is not in the Component Files folder Finale will open to a completely blank, unformatted, one-measure document.

If you prefer a look closer to that of European publishers, an alternate default file has been created. This file is named European Style.FTM and can be found in Finale 2012's General Templates folder. To use this file as the basis for all new files you create (even those created from the Setup Wizard) we suggest the following steps:

Go to your Finale 2012/Component Files folder (See Finale Installation Details for specific folder locations on your computer) and change the name of the standard default file from Maestro Font Default.FTM to Old Maestro Font Default.FTM. Go back to your Finale 2012/Music Files/Templates/General Templates folder and change the name of the alternate default file from European Style.FTM to Maestro Font Default.FTM. Copy this file from the General Templates folder into Component Files.


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