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Transposing: changing key

This entry provides instructions for transposing the key of a piece (or part of a piece). If you want to transpose a passage without changing the key signature itself, see Transposing: by interval. If you want to find out about transposing instruments, see Transposing instruments.

To transpose a piece (Key Signature Tool)

To transpose an entire piece or a region, see Key signatures.

To transpose chord symbols

See To transpose chord symbols.

To enter pre-transposed music onto a transposing staff (step time)

You might wonder how Finale handles notes you input on a transposing staff—does it consider the notes you’re entering to be the concert pitches or the written ones? When you’re using the step-time music entry tools (the Simple Entry and Speedy Entry tools), it’s up to you.

The following instructions show you how to specify that the notes you’re entering have already been transposed—for example, if you’re copying an existing score.



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