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To create a multimeasure rest

When you create parts using Finale’s Linked Parts and Special Part Extraction commands, Finale groups all empty measures into multimeasure rests. If you would rather control which measures get combined into multimeasure rests, you can select the measures that you want to combine into a multimeasure rest in your score.

  1. Choose the Selection Toolimage\Selection_Tool.gif
  2. Select the region that contains the measures you want to display as a multi-measure rest. You can also select your whole score. (You must be in Page View to do this.)
  3. From the Edit menu, chose Multimeasure Rests > Create. Finale creates multimeasure rests in the selected region, using the same rules as when you use Special Part Extraction to create rests—breaking them at key and time signatures, or when you’ve selected Break a Multimeasure Rest in the Measure Attributes dialog box for the measure. In order for measures to be grouped, they must contain default whole rests. If a whole rest was entered in a measure, that measure will not be included in a multimeasure rest until you erase the whole rest (using the Simple Entry or Speedy Entry tools, or the Edit menu's Clear commands).
  4. Choose Update Layout from the Utilities menu to ensure that Finale is displaying the current layout of the score.



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