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Aria Player for Finale


How to get there

From the MIDI/Audio menu, choose Instrument Setup > VST Instruments. Click a drop-down menu for one of the channel groups and choose aVST plug-in, such as "Instruments for Finale 2011." Click Edit for that channel group.

What it does

The Aria Player for Finale allows you to assign Finale's included Garritan instruments to Finale channels. It also displays the range of each instrument, its keyswitches, and allows you to make adjustments to the properties of the instrument sound.

To load new Instruments, click "empty" (or the name of a loaded instrument) > GOP > Notation > then the instrument from the drop-down menu. The "Notation" instruments are specially designed for use with Finale's Human Playback feature.

If you load more than one Aria Player, channel 1 in each player window will equal the first channel in its channel range. For example, if you select "Instruments for Finale 2011" for Channels 17-32 in the VST Instruments dialog box, channel 1 displayed in the Aria Player will equal channel 17 in Finale. The staff for this instrument will need to be set to channel 17 in the Instrument List window.

Note: To apply reverb to playback, use the included Ambience Reverb option in the VST Instruments dialog box.


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