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Deleting measures

This version of “Oh, Susannah” is seventeen measures long. However, you will remember that Finale provided you with thirty-one empty measures when you began this tutorial. Therefore, you now need to delete measures 18 through 31, using the Selection Tool and the Select Region command mentioned a moment ago.

  1. Click the Selection Tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif. Now adjust your view so that measure 18 is visible.
  2. Click measure 18.From the Edit menu, choose Select Region. Scroll to the end of the piece. The Select Region dialog box appears. You can now specify any region in the score that you want to select—even if none of it is visible on the screen at the moment. (The Beat drop-down lists even let you specify parts of a measure you want to include in the selection, but can only be used when Partial Measure Selection is selected in the Edit menu.)

Because you've already selected the first measure of the region you want to delete, Finale has filled in the From Measure: text box and adjusted the Staff drop-down lists correctly for you. In fact, the only number you have to change is the Through Measure: text box—the last measure of your selected region.

  1. Tab to the Through Measure: text box. Type 31. Click OK. Finale automatically highlights the measures you specified, even though you might not be able to see the end of the highlighted region.
  2. From the Edit menu, select Delete Measure Stack. Finale deletes the extraneous measures.

No doubt you created the lead sheet melody with grace and aplomb. Nonetheless, there may be times when you need to erase some of your music. Here’s the quick way to do it. To return to the first measure of the piece, you could use the scroll bars. Instead, try this command:

  1. On your computer keyboard, press the Home key. This command returns you to the top of the page.
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