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To copy and paste using the clipboard

Using the clipboard is another way to copy (or cut) and paste music. When you paste, existing music is overwritten. This is the method commonly used when copying to a target region outside of the visible area or across documents (see Copying across documents).

To copy using the clipboard:

  1. With the Selection Tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif selected, highlight a region of measures. Or, highlight a region with any tool that allows regional selection. For details, see Selecting music.
  2. Press Command-C to copy or Command-X to Cut. The music is loaded to the clipboard. If you chose to Cut the selection disappears. At this point, you can paste the copied material anywhere—either elsewhere in the same document, or into another document. If you want to paste to another document, open the document now, using the Open command in the File menu. You can’t, however, directly paste music into other programs such as word processing or graphics programs. For details on exporting music into another program, see Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and Graphics Tool.
  3. Specify the musical elements you would like to copy in the Edit Filter dialog box. See To specify what you want to copy. Or, to copy everything, ensure Edit Filter is unchecked under the Edit menu. (Tempo changes are the exception; they are not included when Use Filter is unchecked. See To copy tempo changes.)
  4. Select a measure (or partial measure) that begins at the desired target and press Command-V to paste. Finale replaces whatever was in the target measures, starting at the left-most edge of the selected region, with a copy of the music you originally selected (as shown here).  Pasting does not introduce any new measures into the “target” document, but replaces whatever was there with the contents of the Clipboard. (However, measures will be added on paste as needed if there are fewer measures in the target than in the source.

Note: When clipboard-copying, Finale pastes the entire source content starting with the upper left target selection.  

To paste multiple copies of the source material, press Control-Command-V to open the Paste Multiple dialog box where you can repeat the source material any number of times in the score, horizontally or vertically.



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